Who We Are


Stephen Archer

Stephen is a mindfulness educator, trainer and the principal consultant for Mindfulness Training. He is passionate about creating contexts where people can explore mindfulness and discover how it can assist them to access sustainable wellbeing and generate new and transformative perspectives.

Stephen has been involved with mindfulness for over 30 years and began practicing mindfulness meditation while he was completing an honours degree in Eastern Studies. He then trained for 13 years as an ordained Buddhist monk in the Thai forest tradition under the tutorage of Ven. Ajahn Sumedho.

Stephen facilitates mindful leadership and workplace programmes, 1:1 supervision, residential retreats and public courses.

People with whom I sometimes work


Tim Roberts

Tim is an educator and coach who works with senior leaders and leadership teams in New Zealand and the UK. He is fascinated by how many approaches to leadership subtly emphasise increasing velocity and more ‘doing’ but ignore or pay lip service to ways of ‘being’ as a leader, thereby missing so many opportunities for mindfulness, awareness and connection. Tim is dedicated to restoring this balance, so that leaders can relearn how to access their deeper wisdom, intuition, creativity and wellsprings of latent energy and happiness.

Tim has been practicing mindfulness for many years and is a Visiting Fellow at the University of Chester, which is a world leader in reflective work based learning. Prior to coming to New Zealand Tim was a Senior Lecturer, and has also spent many years as a police officer, mostly as a detective. Tim designs bespoke leadership development events for individuals or leadership groups.


Hilary Lovelace

Hilary is an educator and facilitator in End of Life Issues.  She has worked with the dying throughout her 30 year nursing career, both in New Zealand and UK – in district nursing, hospice nursing and research into ‘End of Life Experiences’ with Dr. Peter Fenwick. She offers workshops, retreats and one to one supervision to people before they get to the business of dying, so that they are better informed and can explore feelings, attitudes and practicalities around this most certain of life experiences.  She also teaches how to be with and serve the dying.

Hilary recognises the benefits of mindfully investigating our relationship with our own death and thus with Life.  She is passionate about people being self-aware and empowered to access their own inherent life-wisdom to break through the myths and virtual reality of today’s death-denying Westernised society. Hilary brings sensitivity and enthusiasm to her work and has a wealth of experience which informs and supports her role in this field.