The Power of Mindfulness in the Workplace

"How to take a rest from over-thinking"   by Stephen Archer

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Learning Objectives

  • Learn a set of practical tools for preventing harmful stress and boosting personal resilience

  • Develop and sustain a quality of mindful awareness to help achieve your goals

  • Improve overall effectiveness in the workplace by being more focussed, less reactive and able to listen better

  • Enhance the ability for clear thinking and effective communication

  • Implement positive lifestyle changes through enhanced motivation, raised awareness and increased self-efficacy

Main contents

  • Introducing mindfulness and how it works

  • Guided mindfulness exercise

  • Managing attention and energy throughout the day

  • Understanding the hindrances to quality thinking

  • Attention restoration: utilizing the power of present-moment awareness

  • Accessing wellbeing through the relaxation response

  • How to identify key “stressors” in ones’ internal environment

  • Moving from a habit-driven perspective to one of clarity and responsiveness

  • Mindful communication exercises