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Mindfulness in the Workplace

  • Wellington 2 Rhine St 6023 (map)

Mindfulness is our natural ability to be fully present. It’s the quality of engagement necessary if we want to bring all of our capabilities to the moment. Mindfulness is a direct expression of authentic being, and is available to us all when we attune ourselves to the emerging life of the present moment. To practice mindfulness means to orientate ourselves through attention and feeling to this primary feature of our experience: that regardless of what is happening, we are simply present.

Although this sounds straightforward, in reality it is greatly challenging to participate in, and make a life on the basis of this awareness. Our tendencies to be distracted, addicted to anxious thoughts or constantly manipulating our moment to moment experience means that often we are not participating in the moments of our life with openness of mind and heart. The implications of this are profound, as a lack of mindful awareness limits our capacity to learn, be authentic, innovate, listen well, think in quality ways and sustain wellbeing. It also means we tend to function in a state of “continuous partial attention”, the kind of distracted awareness someone animates when they are flitting between listening to someone who is trying to have a conversation with them, checking their smartphone and thinking ahead to the next meeting they need to get to. A scrambled, overwhelmed or hyperactive conceptual mind leads to patterns of distorted thinking which feed stress, negative moods and anxious rumination.

An increasing body of evidence suggests mindfulness practice offers significant benefits to our working lives. As a professional competency, it allows us to deepen into the power of presence. This brings many immediately practical benefits that expand our mental capacities beyond our habitual point of view, while offering greater internal spaciousness, clarity and innovation. Mindfulness promotes enhanced self-awareness and increased resilience; these qualities combining to deepen integrity. Mindfulness assists us to be centred and grounded, even in a demanding, action orientated role.

This programme will help you to:

  • Experience the benefits of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, authenticity, resilience and wellbeing
  • Be skilled and competent in practising and applying mindfulness at work, to maintain focus and stay present
  • Be more mindful in managing yourself and others
  • Increase clarity, confidence, and the ability to respond with compassion

Main Contents

  • Definition of mindfulness and its application in organisational life
  • Practicing mindfulness exercises to build self-awareness
  • Moving from automatic pilot to conscious responsiveness
  • Authentic presence: beingness as a primary quality for connection and influence
  • Using mindful inquiry to face into real and relevant questions from your working life through generative conversational exercises
  • Developing compassion to enable greater openness and synergy

Cost: $390 plus GST

Further Information:

"The Mindfulness Learning Group helped me grow as a leader in many ways. It encouraged me to cultivate a deeper sense of calm and a more mindful approach not just to work but to the often overwhelming busy-ness that daily life throws at us every day. The teachings of Stephen and Tim have given me a rich storehouse of internal strategies – as opposed to management frameworks or strategic models – to draw on when facing the complexities and the challenges of our current public sector environment. And I believe these are just as valuable, if not more so, in our complicated world.”
Amy White
Ministry of Woman’s Affairs/Te Minitatanga mō ngā Wāhine