Mindful Leadership

This programme will complement and add value to your leadership development programs and wider leadership development experiences.

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The programme is in three phases, each building on the others, Along with working together to explore specific content, we also value free inquiry and response to emerging themes.


Who is it for?

This programme has been specifically designed for leaders in New Zealand working and leading in complex and uncertain environments.


This programme will help you to:

    • Experience the benefits of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, leadership presence, authenticity, resilience and wellbeing.
    • Increase clarity, confidence, and the ability to respond with compassion to yourself and others.
    • Be skilled and competent in practising and applying mindfulness at work, to maintain focus and stay present.


Stephen and Tim aren’t reading off a script about abstract concepts. These guys are in the real world and have had a wide range of experiences in the real world that are of huge value. Based purely on the feedback I have received, the work I have done with them has been the most effective leadership development I have done in the last two years. Their work will provide insights into how to be a grounded, centred and authentic leader.

Jeff Trevella Senior Leader, Public Service

Stephen and Tim are terrific teachers – insightful, patient and inspiring. I truly believe that the practice of mindfulness is completely relevant in a work setting – busy people in the workplace, especially those charged with leading teams or solving thorny problems (and that would be all of us!) need to find a way to bring the signal to noise ratio into balance. Mindfulness helps mightily with this, and will encourage you to bring a sense of ease into your interactions with people and in the way you seek solutions or insight.”

The Mindfulness ALG helped me grow as a leader in many ways. It encouraged me to cultivate a deeper sense of calm and a more mindful approach not just to work but to the often overwhelming busy-ness that daily life throws at us every day. It given me a rich storehouse of internal strategies – as opposed to management frameworks or strategic models – to draw on when facing the complexities and the challenges of our current public sector environment. And I believe these are just as valuable, if not more so, in our complicated world.

Amy White State Services Commission

An increasing body of evidence suggests mindful practice can have a significant impact on key leadership issues. Mindfulness is a direct expression of authentic being, and is available to us all when we attune ourselves to the emerging life of the present moment.

As a leadership competency, mindfulness allows us to deepen into the power of presence. This brings many immediately practical benefits that expand our mental capacities beyond our habitual point of view, while offering greater internal spaciousness, clarity and innovation. Mindfulness promotes enhanced self-awareness and increased resilience; these qualities combining to deepen integrity.

A mindful leader is centred and grounded, even in a demanding, action orientated role.

Understanding the key principles of mindfulness, and learning to participate in mindful presence

Definition of mindfulness and its application in leadership and organizational life

Practicing mindfulness exercises to build self-awareness

Utilizing the precision and stability of present-moment attention to navigate leadership

Moving from automatic pilot to conscious responsiveness

Understanding our common “blind spot” in leadership practice