Mindfulness Meditation

A Residential Course at Taruna, Havelock North led by Stephen Archer

23 – 27 October 2014

The process of mindful awareness make use of the inherent ability of our mind and body to re-balance and sustain well-being, and discover positive new perspectives, solutions and responses to the challenges of life. In a silent and tranquil environment the retreat will consist of some group sessions along with open space for retreatants to move with their own rhythm. Find out more…

Living and Dying – An Enquiry into the Human Experience of Death

Led by Stephen Archer and Hilary Lovelace

Saturday 15 November 2014. Auckland

This workshop aims to open the door of awareness to the universal reality of death and assist you to approach this reality in a more empowered way. It will broaden your perspective on death and dying and stimulate ongoing enquiry beyond the workshop. This day is ideal as professional development for all who are working with or caring for the living and dying, and is also suitable for anyone who suspects that they themselves might die one day! Find out more…

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Wellington Saturday 22 Nov 2014, and repeated Monday 24 Nov 2014

A One Day Programme led by Stephen Archer and Tim Roberts

Mindfulness is our natural ability to be fully present. It’s the quality of engagement necessary if we want to bring all of our capabilities to the moment. Mindfulness is a direct expression of authentic being, and is available to us all when we attune ourselves to the emerging life of the present moment. To practice mindfulness means to orientate ourselves through attention and feeling to this primary feature of our experience: that regardless of what is happening, we are simply present. Find out more…

Being Present

January 4 (evening) – January 11 (midday) 2015

A 7 day silent retreat led by Stephen Archer

Te Moata, Tairua

Mindfulness is an orientation to life though feeling-awareness of our natural state, moment by moment. It is developed through simple meditation practices which involve stilling the restless mind, relaxing the body and opening into the feeling of being. Mindfulness invites us to deepen self-awareness and liberate our attention to be more fully and joyfully in the present moment. Find out more…